I’m an anthropologist, sometimes I occupy things & such.

I see anarchism as something you do not an identity...

...so don’t call me the anarchist anthropologist

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Debt book is finally released in the UK! Now, my London friends, is the time to convince somebody else to buy the thing and then borrow it!

Just had a conversation in Malagasy with David Brancaccio! Apparently he was born there. That part won’t be on the air tho

So how much do you have to pay Glenn Beck to have him denounce your book? That’s what I really need!


…Something similar has happened with the lives of the gainfully employed. John Berger: http://t.co/DLLv5UK

Have you noticed small commodities are increasingly difficult to remove from their packaging? …


Republicans as party of business can more easily ally with working class movements (if crazy ones) as at least they’re goal-oriented.

Realization: Democrats in US are party of the professional classes, therefore, believe in process over results. Hence health care debacle


Hrumph! NPR’s All Things Considered bounced my debt discussion. Said it was preempted by the debt crisis


So am I on NPR? Or just the blog? I don’t get it. Anyone know? Via @nprnews: Debt, From Ancient Tool To Modern Weapon | http://t.co/sNH4N2O


If politicians break their promises to voters, no one will vote and democracy will collapse. Oh wait! That already happened, didn’t it?

similar people always ask me about debt forgiveness – won’t lenders then refuse to lend and the economy will collapse. My answer…

my favorite line: are there any children who don’t deserve to live in a house? So how’d we get to where evicting them seems moral?


US uncut action today: bedrolls and pajamas in a Chase branch. Very fluffy (left at first police request) but spirited and fun.

who is this excellent “Amormundi” person? Well, he seems to like me well enough so I’m well disposed. http://t.co/qrgnqOW

Likes the quote: “Rather than seeing himself as human because he could make economic calculations, the hunter insi… http://bit.ly/qGmQ9A


Political Bookworm – The Washington Post. Thought these guys were mostly deficit hawks, but asked me… http://t.co/6tbKEGW

it seems I am not the only one to be berated and talked over by Mr. Davidson on Planet Money. I am in noble company! http://t.co/pHJNls5

here’s me on Brian Lehr (NYC radio): http://t.co/dTu99xc, mastering the trick of sounding animated while always keeping mouth 6′ from mic


Someone was inspired to put together a list of famous literary debtors: http://t.co/UQCeM0F

yes, it’s an automatic random insurrectionist bullshit generation! http://t.co/LLFNbek . We have been waiting so long for this!


then nice reporter who read the book had great chat for 40 min, whereon he said “don’t know what’ll go on the air as first guy was my boss”

that was so weird – started with an economist who hadn’t read the book just attacking me for criticizing economists (and capitalism)