@TheHarmDoer The effectiveness of a tweet is measured by its effect on people likely to read THAT tweet. Obviously.


@HaraldKml You miss the point. If you want to say you’re non-ideological you disavow BOTH sides or you’re tacitly taking sides

@Prolapsarian I thought the main argument for a 4-day week was that people are more efficient if they work less so you wouldn’t need to hire more people anyway, except for jobs you can’t speed up like a movie usher or somesuch


@sm9eb @davidwengrow okay anyone have a theory why my spell-checker, both on my phone and computer, systematically changes “Kings” or “King’s” to “Kong”s? It’s not even a word!

@Palomar_qfwfq @sm9eb @davidwengrow I know. We’re waiting for the editor to get back to us. Well… it’s still August.

@dominichills5 @sm9eb @davidwengrow it’s actually very clear that the characters referred to as “temple prostitutes” in a lot of the Sumerian lit are not anything like what we’d think of as sex workers, but often, of extremely high status & engaged in activities we don’t understand at all


@Ksquared56 @davidwengrow @sm9eb There’s a lot of interesting possibilities. One striking feature of such burials is how often they were physically deformed or unusual: hunchbacked, dwarfism, extremely tall …

@sm9eb @davidwengrow Well King of Corn is just from Fraser. There’s no necessary reason to think theatrical Kong’s were killed. That’s more likely to develop later as a way to contain the power of real ones.

@Dutchography @RhythmRuler So you’re saying Jeff Bezos actually believes that Amazon has created more and/or better paid jobs than it has destroyed and therefore that tax revenues from the relevant industries have gone up not down?

@avi_khalil @davidwengrow @SamLowryBR We offer a series of explanations building on some of the ideas in my essays in On Kings

@davidwengrow @SaltleyGates oh fine, then play yourself. That means I’ll have to do it too. Only movie I was ever in was an art film where I did a long monologue as a father giving bad advice but I don’t think it was ever released.

@Ksquared56 @davidwengrow @sm9eb there is absolutely no reason to assume all human social development worldwide follows the same pattern, and a great deal of evidence that it does not


@zug_01 god why are Marxist ideologues SO BORING? Yes, I would like to abolish the wage system too. That doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you’re ever allowed to talk about. Totalitarian much>?


@exyz_Jeremy yeah, they make the publishers sell at prices so cheap that the publishers can just pay their own overhead and there’s nothing left for the authors


@PraxisCast @frankthetank622 What specific argument about naked power are you objecting to?

@Dutchography Are you saying that’s what he actually thinks, or that’s his propaganda line?

@PraxisCast @frankthetank622 You’re saying he’s making money to get power. But then you’re saying he’s wielding power to make money. That sounds like a bit of a circular argument. How does it differ from my saying his making money is itself an exertion of power as an end in itself?

@_woIfgang @frankthetank622 Slave how? Psychologically? He fears some phantom future competitor?

@frankthetank622 Can’t the Fed just print him a trillion and give it to him so he’ll go away? I mean it wouldn’t make any difference if he didn’t spend it. If that wouldn’t satisfy him, doesn’t it show it’s his power to take the money from authors that’s really driving him?