I’m an anthropologist, sometimes I occupy things & such.

I see anarchism as something you do not an identity...

...so don’t call me the anarchist anthropologist

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I don’t know who writes these tweets but they should be fired. This is either awful PR or intentionally trying to alienate someone for internal political reasons. If you’re non-ideological, doesn’t that mean you’re not socialist OR pro-capitalist? Why leave one of the two out? https://t.co/vYxmZqsckD

one of Bernard Steigler’s last interviews, with my friend Christophe Petit, in the MAUSS journal: https://t.co/AKsKaWuIGi


extreme heat will before long be killing more people than all diseases put together so when are we actually going to get on this? https://t.co/Cu1MDzYHpO

It’s like stealing candy from babies and not even eating it. In practice, we seem to have created a world so perverse that denying creative people any benefit from their creation is an end in itself. You do it so as to revel in your very power to do so.

And the amazing thing is that almost all the money that would be going to authors, who mostly could actually use it, just goes to Bezos personally, so he can say “look! I have another 10 billion! Oh! And another 10 billion!” He doesn’t even use it.

According to pretty much every publisher I know Jeff Bezos is personally responsible for the destruction of the book industry. They can no longer pay most authors anything as it all gets squeezed by Amazon.

okay, so I’ve not been in tip-top shape, but I haven’t forgotten #a4all. Here’s all about our next project, after kings, all about pirates: Here’s the youtube version https://t.co/HzwzX2cAjh via @YouTube and here’s the patreon https://t.co/wHTIk3RLpk

Union-busting Quakers. That’s strange. https://t.co/rCGBDvKE04 here’s the union’s web page if you want to support. An old dear friend of mine put this together: https://t.co/KF6idwnBJ5

Fed finally admits they have been printing money to create greater inflation and failing. Does this mean everyone will stop demanding “but where will you find the money?” whenever someone mentions a social program? Why do I doubt this? https://t.co/OUVJRx0Olo

So all you patronizing twits lecturing us about how All Labour has to do was give up all dreams of social change & put a professional in charge & they’d zip ahead in the polls … willing to admit you were wrong yet? Of course not https://t.co/eOiZgAj1Im

so does Berlin have the loudest sirens in the world, or what? Well, I guess some city has to have the loudest sirens. How do people sleep here?


I’m trying to do research for an academic article and LSE library online access is shut down; sci-web seems to be banned here in Germany; even a two-page book review costs $25-30 if you’re insane enough to try to buy it. Hunh? Does anyone actually BUY academic articles?

Democratic National Committee reverses policy on refusing bribes from Fossil Fuel industry, receives massive infusion of “donations”, removes promise to axe fossil fuel subsidies from party platform. Earth becomes uninhabitable by 2050 but meanwhile DNC gets lots of cash.

I’ll say it again: after one of the most dramatic popular mobilisations in US history, calling for defunding the police, we end up with a race between 2 Pres candidates, one an outright fascist, the other who accuses the fascist of defunding the police. https://t.co/JZKAr0vNTq

maybe it’s just me but I do sometimes wonder how Facebook ever became an essential organising tool for anti-authoritarians in the first place. Maybe this might be a good moment to revive Indymedia? We need our own means of communication.

I was thinking of writing about how Trump tried to dismantle the US empire and basically failed. He’s a fascist but the only good thing about him was he did want to dismantle the post-45 treasury-bond – treaty system – US bases nexus, he was unable to do so.

well those private firms have done an excellent job in randomly excluding huge proportions of the public (including myself) from being tested, thus driving the infection rate numbers down & making people like him look better. So yeah. https://t.co/VvfJf7vRei

the epitome of this is the Assange case; when investigative journalism switched largely outside established institutions as no one else would do it, journalists in those institutions almost universally declared such investigative reporters “not really journalists”

one interesting angle I’ve been talking to John Summers about is the class composition of journalists. They used to lack college degrees & while notoriously cynical also represented working class intellectual life. Journalism degrees & then internships totally destroyed that.

Couldn’t have put it better myself. As proof, I didn’t put it better myself. But I might put it as well in the future since I suspect I will steal his line. https://t.co/LO1XpbRMlT

since the ’70s, US investigative journalism basically died. Journalists rely on handouts & official leaks & most look with suspicion on unofficial leaks.They are servants of power. It Watergate happened today, most mainstream journalists’ instinct would be to go after Deep Throat

The financialized version of capitalism we know today is more a political beast in the service of an elite than an efficient economic system.” (Apparently I said that.) https://t.co/yjgtUTbrYR

it’s kind of disorienting when you realise that most of the people you’d most wanted to impress in your life are already dead.

So I was watching Star Trek the other day & it occurred to me: in a way it’s the anti-The Office. It’s a giant floating office building in outer space w/ the same chains of command where everyone has the least bullshit jobs conceivable.

Government to all smart, diligent students from poor families who worked really really hard night and day to rise to the top of their class so as to make something of themselves: JOKE’S ON YOU. We don’t care. Now fuck off & get a job stacking boxes or something. https://t.co/ATvpb57BgH

so the US just had an overwhelming nationwide movement to defund or abolish police. Now there’s an election.Two candidates. One tried to call in the army vs the protests; the other chose a cop as his running mate. Both want to give more money to police. #DeclineAndFall

I’m guessing Greenstreet would spring all of them, including O’Shaunnessy, just to be sure, so that way Sam Spade made sure she wasn’t really up the river for 20 years but would also leave him alone