I’m an anthropologist, sometimes I occupy things & such.

I see anarchism as something you do not an identity...

...so don’t call me the anarchist anthropologist

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(since it had already been established that the cops were, indeed, corruptible.) In fact, they already established what would really happen – they’d make the kid the fall guy – then threw in “oh & then they arrested all the other ones too” for the censors, then undid it

only possible explanation I can think of is that the censors insisted all criminals must be arrested, but the director figured the audience would like those 2 criminals, so really Sam Spade was making sure they had the means to bribe the cops to get away

ok so I watched the Maltese Falcon again last night & I couldn’t figure out the end. Why did Bogart graciously give Greenstreet back the $5000 when he was going to narc on him to get him & Peter Lorre arrested anyway?

For someone who grew up speaking NY Yiddish-inflected English, It’s hard to walk through Berlin without repressing the urge to giggle at least once or twice a day https://t.co/mZILpcr365


exciting email! Yes I have just received $211.46 for the rights to the Persian edition of Bullshit Jobs. Well, they’re under massive economic sanctions, so I guess they’re a bit skint. https://t.co/pLKpVnfcJ6


for me the most disturbing element is that 40% of students don’t finish in 6 years. So more than half of Americans go to college but huge numbers never complete it. So they remain starving students doing casualized work forever, effectively

what the hell is wrong with America’s higher ed system? They charge students $35k a year placing them in debt for the rest of their life & then starve them? Where is all this money going? To sports stadiums? https://t.co/6IEUlbxJRd

ok everybody, prepare yourself for at least 9 months of annoying teasers from me & .@davidwengrow as we sit on our hands waiting for #TheDawnOfEverything to come out. Also do you think it we make a hashtag of the name it’ll seem fait accompli & they’ll let us use it?

best section heading so far in the upcoming .@davidwengrow book #TheDawnOfEverything 4.6in which we dispose of one particularly silly argument that foragers who settle in territories that lend themselves well to foraging are somehow unusual


Bureaucrats with weapons have just showed up to tell Stamtisch hosts they can only have people on the street up to two meters from the door – everyone else has to move inside (on the hottest day of the year) https://t.co/tvS4ceQguh


that wouldn’t be a bad slogan for the current generation: “Our Futures Have Been Stolen By Your Past” https://t.co/fRBdggqs5B

Just had an acupuncture session. Whenever they start sticking pins in me, I somehow feel there should be a wax doll in the corner that should start screaming.


you’ve probably seen this: don’t put your money in those banks that are funding the destruction of the planet https://t.co/4d1bdfadD3

it might sound corny but if you are feeling this way, celebrate it. Also good to remember that right now, you are almost certainly not experiencing airplane turbulence.


also I just want to tell the world: I woke up today & don’t feel sick (yet). I’m sitting here & neither my lungs or stomach or head are particularly bothering me. This is great! I am sitting in a cafe in Berlin & feeling like a normal human being more or less.


this is extremely important. We could have had a socialist government in 2017. Imagine how different the world would have been. These individuals are indirectly responsible for countless deaths from Yemen to Newcastle. https://t.co/VnuDqMN1nx

here is me in a Berlin kitchen reporting the book with .@davidwengrow is finished, and sampling a couple paragraphs about the great Franz Steiner #a4all https://t.co/IO4Efmq8gB

so .@davidwengrow and I just finished the book My brain feels bruised with numb surprise. It’s finished?

(hint: there is a case of a friend of mine who recently got publicly denounced by half my other friends because someone wrote a review of her book that said while she didn’t say something offensive in the book, the reviewer guessed she might have in an earlier draft.) 4/

which if you think about it is a paradox; lefties are supposedly universalists, but they divide into warring sects & viciously attack each other; righties are supposedly nationalist, but actually, they often show an instinctual solidarity even to nationalists of rival nations 3/

this surprised me slightly because I’d kind of assumed there was equal sectarianism on the right, just I hadn’t been exposed to it. He on the other hand spends a good deal of time comparing youtube rants, etc, & assured me that no, they really don’t 2/

I was talking to my step-son & he made the reasonable point that many young people look at the right, and the left, & the first thing they notice is that people on the left all seem to hate each other. Right-wingers spend much less of their time condemning each other publicly 1/