I’m an anthropologist, sometimes I occupy things & such.

I see anarchism as something you do not an identity...

...so don’t call me the anarchist anthropologist

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we tried to warn you. But you knew what you were doing, didn’t you, .@davidschneider et al? You pretended an anti-racist social democrat was an antisemite so that actual Nazis and White Nationalists could seize the reigns of power. https://t.co/7AIpUOR4uo

Why am I guessing if John McDonnell had become Chancellor the BBC would not be just casually representing him as a superhero? https://t.co/QsWTPK45VD

it’s like #NewNewLabour under Starmer is trying to take every conceivable wrong lesson from history. Yes. What this country needs is more people spending more time being supervised & told to stop idling & get back to work. That’ll bring out the vote. https://t.co/245W193rAY

This is entirely my experience too. I tried for days to get a Covid test. There’s no way that didn’t involve going through the same private verification system that instantly rejected me & didn’t give a reason. Tried it 5x a different way each time https://t.co/h0AwyOPqxi

“If they really want a Labour govt.” how clueless can you be? Young people don’t want to change the color badge the PM wears; they want specific social democratic policies & to stop destroying the planet. If the LP isn’t offering that they have no reason to vote for it. https://t.co/mrtRNu9H09

so what is the legality of one party to a private email exchange making that email exchange public over the objections of the other one(s)?


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the main victors of Brexit will be lawyers, accountants, and bureaucrats https://t.co/7m958B5oxJ

ok I’m sorry to ask twitter but does anyone know the London Royal Mail system well? A parcel is at “Paddington CSP”. Went to Paddington and they said, no, it’s not in Paddington, it’s at… now I can’t remember. Google it, you get nothing except another person complaining!


from the #XRBrainTrust statement I was startled by the statistics https://t.co/7DclR5I6H0 https://t.co/XEhOobPBAA

for all those who voted for Keir Starmer because they thought he would be “the unity candidate” : would you be willing to ditch him to vote in a leader who actually would be a unity candidate? Because he could hardly be less unifying than he’s been so far.

this one, for Corbyn’s legal fund, seems to be legit, since it got $40k on the first day. https://t.co/BAewdtr6bj

Just go this: A new initiative has just been started by a few Jewish academics, lawyers & journalists which is geared to ‘correcting the historical record on Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party, & ending the politicisation of Jewish suffering’. https://t.co/UFhu9OF0V4

“Kings like Ceremonies” – a story page from the “What are Kings” book #A4all This was possibly the first I did & still kind of a favourite, telling the story of Rollo the Viking & King Charles the Simple’s big toe (and don’t worry, Charles keeps the toe) https://t.co/xL3s5bxY8k


maybe we should start a movement to everyone send flowers to .@HackneyAbbott, or something nice, to remind her that most people are not racist assholes and do have a problem with people acting like this

“Divine kings and adverse sacralisation” – some reflections from my book On Kings #a4all https://t.co/EHU8gdyM0Y


nothing reveals the hypocrisy of the chattertariat & Starmerites than their utter indifference to even the most flagrant racial abuse – if it’s directed at the Left, rather than there being any way to claim it’s coming from them https://t.co/u9YuKtqavl

Best formulation that came out of the very pleasant Idler conversation last night: anarchy doesn’t reject organization. It stands for GOOD organization. If you have to threaten to beat people up in order to get people to go along with your plan you’re not very good at organizing

Cops more interested in going after Antifa than after far-right groups who are literally gunning for cops https://t.co/bzab7rf0B4

anyone else have very slight pins and needles feelings in their hands and feet and a periodic soapy taste in their mouth? is this some kind of thing that’s going around? Just checking.


just got this by randomly searching “planned obsolescence”. Now think of all the coltan, the fresh water, etc, that goes into creating a laptop. Think of all the people who will ultimately die so they can sell you 5 laptops instead of just one. https://t.co/dnUbvlsGX2

key point, “it’s not our hedonism that’s destroying the planet, it’s our puritanism,” the fact we feel everyone has to be working constantly, regardless of whether there’s anything needs to be done, to justify our consumer pleasures

Immodest Proposals series on Radio 4 – work is destroying the planet. to save ourselves we can start by 1. eliminating BS jobs 2. stopping batshit construction 3. ending planned obsolescence https://t.co/3PlwIYLcYG

and then I started to go back to sleep again & realised I was starting to have another boring administrative dream & felt resigned & bemused but that’s all I remember. So: did I really wake up & think that? Or was the whole thing a dream? What does the difference even mean? 3/

then I woke briefly, around 6 AM, thinking “what a boring dream. I’m writing a book chapter about the origin of war & slavery, I’m doing all these interesting things, why do I have such boring, administrative dreams? Is it to compensate?” 2/


so I can’t figure out whether I woke up last night & was thinking about my dreams, or whether that reflection actually was the dream. I remember having a dream that I was sorting thru various frozen bags of prawns & tuna, trying to find the optimal combination for the price 1/