@asadatta – oh shit there’s a picket? This is what happens when you rely on a publicist – can one withdraw these things?

@brownisthecolor no his show asked for a copy months ago but that was the last we heard. I feel hurt

@leashless – thanks Vinay! Myself, I’ve always been a great fan of Dimitry Orlov: http://t.co/g1MfyA1

@southsouth @aaronjohnpeters yes amazingly it’s from Yale Law School. They hired Italian communist stone masons and gave them total autonomy

@mattwwilde – well it’s 38 (C) in New York if it’s any comfort – will be for a week

@natashaha3 thanks N! didn’t see any sandpipers today just these guys http://lockerz.com/s/122689212

@bedresistance yes, it’s even better than the random North Korean insult generator (http://t.co/CfGP2N0) – and that’s saying a lot!

@historyhistory thanks Sophie! I think I defended myself with a certain aplomb. Let’s see what gets on the air

@blanalive US Amazon has the first chapter free on kindle, and there’s also http://t.co/JAuQVXv

@Cogixo Alternately, maybe they’re lying. I think it’s on a slow boat to the UK now. Hopefully won’t hit an iceberg

@Cogixo Alas it’s only going to bookstores in the US now, so will arrive Monday. UK is three weeks later – they send it on a boat apparently

@historyhistory well obviously I meant to say “shit” (there’s a book called “A History of Shit”) but it was television

@historyhistory well it apparently caused 200 people to order the book on Amazon – not bad considering the book doesn’t even exist (yet)

@historyhistory – http://t.co/WAnHmXr – yipes! soon I will be a giant helium-filled head.

@aaronjohnpeters oh never mind Zizek, Aaron. A professional comedian whose schtick is to play a left intellectual. Jokes on us!

@artsagainstcuts I’ll miss you all so much! You guys made me happy to be in London. I wouldn’t have imagined it possible

@aaronjohnpeters how could Zizek have time to read anything? He write like three books a year!

@Cogixo – didn’t even know! Sat in park with my friends to say goodbye. I love my friends! Sad now.

@orpen_m – perhaps in August. I must return to NYC tomorrow to do publicity and learn how to drive