@satarswitter – yes the very short version exists in Spanish at Oro y Finanzas (!) but I’d love to see a Spanish edition

@MTPT – S&P downgraded to just “P.” US pol system from”antiquated- dysfunctional” to newly created “psycho clown” rating #OtherDowngrades

@StevenForth @amazon – aha! was it on display? I’m trying to get a sense of who has it and what they’re doing with it

@WailQ @morelikewater – actually I plagiarized that line from Crimethinc but since they openly endorse plagiarism, how could they mind?

@bellelass @OccupyWallSt – we are hoping to put a big screen on Wall Street so people all over the world can say what they think of it.

@CultureCultJeff @TheDailyShow – um, yeah, anybody want to lobby to get me on, who am I to stand in your way? I have a nice shirt somewhere

@bellelass @OccupyWallSt – are you in New York? Outreach meeting is 6:30pm, Writer’s Guild, 250 Hudson: 7th Floor.

@OccupyWallSt – I’d actually much appreciate if you’d contact me directly to fill me in. Or will you be at the Outreach working group tmo?

@OccupyWallSt – well it seems like the group just got much much bigger – but six weeks is very little time

@OccupyWallSt – so there’s an affinity group that’s been doing organizing? what sort of group?

@thatessencerare I was tempted to reply with something rude to disprove you but yeah, probably you’re right, I’m not such a douche as Zizek

@OccupyWallSt – say, who are you anyway? I was at the August 2 meeting and none of us really know who’s already working on this!

@thatessencerare ironically the director of Zizek tried to get $ for debt book movie but Canadian film board already gave $ for Atwood book

@CultureCultJeff wow what can I say? Yes you can write about important things if you’re utterly pigheadedly determined

@Blower12245 maybe I’m an optimist but I suspect most people feel that way. They all just think everyone else that’s complacent

@Blower12245 – well that depends on you! But I guess it would have to start somewhere, wouldn’t it?

@webisteme after all – selling yourself to someone else, renting yourself to someone else. Is there really much of a difference?

@webisteme if Plato or Aristotle were here today they would conclude most Americans are debt slaves

@JeffreyNewman alas I am in New York for the summer. Might be back in late August or early fall but nothing is certain

@aaronjohnpeters sure could do. What’s Our Kingdom? I’m ashamed to admit I don’t know!

@southsouth @aaronjohnpeters – yes interesting response to events in Norway, too, don’t you think?

@aaronjohnpeters yes -question is should we have thousands turn themselves in, clogging their lines, or have thousands turn in Chris Knight?

@benedict there is a call for ALL anarchists to turn themselves in wearing red stars (Nazis made activists wear them) at inconvenient hours

@asadatta – actually, yeah, I’m supposed to be a guest blog on Savage Minds this month but I’m not sure that’s what they were looking for