@RidgeLunatic @davidwengrow @ThatChrisRyan I believe I noted they were asking £30 for a 2 page book review & asked if there was anyone in the world who actually paid such fees. It’s a little like when the algorithm on Amazon goes nuts & you discover (as a friend once did) they’re charging $18,378.00 for your book

@l_u_n_a13 @kellydanc @davidwengrow @ThatChrisRyan well ultimately it usually aims at the work/play distinction itself. Not the idea that no one should ever put patience and effort into accomplishing or making something. Kind of thought that was obvious but I guess I shouldn’t assume.


@kellydanc @l_u_n_a13 @davidwengrow @ThatChrisRyan who are these people who object to affinity/calling/joy work exactly? Could you name one?

@Timlagor @fake__monkey @dominichills5 well yes that does appear to be the key issue: in the US the government spending that generates the greatest economic activity is food stamps. The less needy the people who get the money, the more likely they’ll just speculate.

@l_u_n_a13 @davidwengrow @ThatChrisRyan actually i’m a bit of a workaholic but I’m also ambivalent about this tendency in myself

@davidwengrow @ThatChrisRyan to clarify: Sahlins is right that foragers were on the whole affluent compared to people now, but affluence could take many forms: e.g., many Californians saw industriousness as a value in itself, many NW Coast societies valued artistic material excess…


@ThatChrisRyan @davidwengrow I think he meant, didn’t survive _as_ foragers, though a lot of the Californians & Australians were indeed wiped out by genocidal settlers.

@RedrichLFC @JennoRon Notice the cop moves: a non-cop would actually ask or try to find out who he was dealing with rather than making these idiotic authoritative-sounding pronouncements

@RedrichLFC @JennoRon I have written and published extensively on Labour politics. You give no evidence of knowing or understanding anything. Your bluff is called. If there’s anything more tiresome than a wannabe cop it’s an incompetent one

@RedrichLFC @JennoRon I know lots about Starmer. I’ve seen him in action. He’s an unprincipled cororieare jack, JM has two choices: support the leader or quit the party. I am do not face that dilemma I’m not in the party.

@RedrichLFC @JennoRon Why? So that in four years we might have a Tory-light government, possibly? No.

@Aoeui3 @davidwengrow well, how do you know from archaeological evidence when a choice is intentional? You can only work by analogy. Still, there’s lots of historical records of intentional social change of every sort going back as far as we have evidence.

@Aoeui3 @davidwengrow we call it “stuck” but it’s the same idea. The end of seasonal variation might be one key threshold.

@NylAndrew you didn’t even read the tweet, let alone look at the article, did you? That’s the amazing thing for me. People have it so drilled into their heads even if you wave direct evidence to the contrary in front of their face, they just don’t see it

@JanissaryJones @davidwengrow one could as easily argue that the earliest plant domestication was itself part of a feminist revolution

@AlInsoumis @davidwengrow hard to deny – well, a few made some pretty poor ones but just had less power to do damage

@dominichills5 @stephenberquist @davidwengrow @fake__monkey Nah you’ve got it as well as anyone

@davidwengrow @fake__monkey it might take what seems like a thesis-antithesis, even thesis-antithesis-synthesis form at times, as people define themselves against their neighbours, but dialectic has come to imply something inexorable.


@Katsuefox @Prolapsarian it’s terrifying. The Dem leadership were utterly determined to repeat Clinton v Trump 2016, except with a folksier front man. Even after the most disastrous presidency since James Buchanan they can’t seem to get traction

@girlziplocked not about politics or major social issues. But a kind of cynical contempt for the foibles of the not-cool-enough & their interests and concerns seems to impress a lot of under-19s on a regular basis.

@StephenWayneDa4 @robert0461 @MikeSmith04 @UKLabour @Keir_Starmer Corbyn had personal negatives since the media hammered away at him in a way they never did with any other leader before or since, but Labour was usually ahead in the polls anyway, because he had actual policies (which was the reason the media hammered so at him).

@sidharthajha @chrisfralic Every now and then I hear about my book being sold at airports and I write my agent and say “there’s something I was wondering. Why am I not rich?”