@davidwengrow the implication is that which was forming in the “formative” period, or post in the post-classic, is invariably a strong state or empire, almost always corresponding to peak patriarchy, slavery, etc – and therefore the summit of civilisation /2


@davidwengrow this is a crucial point I think, we write off periods of relative human freedom, and most period of women’s autonomy, decentralised even democratic organization, as “formative”, “intermediate” or “post-classic” 1/


@aforty but the NYC aren’t as loud. I grew up in New York. NYC is nothing, nothing I tell you, in comparison, just in terms of decibels. At some points even sitting in 3rd floor apartments you just have to stop talking for a while until the police car/ambulance goes by.

@PafkoBosh @chris_grey___ @gerbilmark @The_RealBigErn @mfinnthepoet @Sara_Rose_G the standards are only high for certain people. When Boris Johnson himself personally writes a novel where he says Jews control the media & manipulate the news for political reasons, that’s no big. Whatever. When Corbyn doesn’t notice the detail in a mural…


@garbonzo_the @chris_grey___ @atb1936 @gerbilmark @The_RealBigErn @mfinnthepoet @Sara_Rose_G precisely. They accuse Corbynites of refusing to act on AS complaints for political reasons, say, aha! prima facie evidence of structural AS. Then when they discover it was the Blairites refusing to act on AS complaints for pol reasons, they’re like, oh. So what?


@chris_grey___ @gerbilmark @The_RealBigErn @mfinnthepoet @Sara_Rose_G he laid a wreath on a cemetery containing some people in an organisation other members of whom committed atrocities. By this logic Ronald Reagan is Waffen SS: https://t.co/kFfBAGGJml

@atb1936 @OutriderTed @chris_grey___ @garbonzo_the @gerbilmark @The_RealBigErn @mfinnthepoet @Sara_Rose_G great. An actual antisemite. Block.

@garbonzo_the @chris_grey___ @atb1936 @gerbilmark @The_RealBigErn @mfinnthepoet @Sara_Rose_G Does he think it’s a form of AS? Since the major charge was Corbynites we’re slow to act on or fifth aft on complaints for political reasons you’d think this would be the ultimate outrage. But no. They couldn’t care less

@atb1936 @chris_grey___ @gerbilmark @The_RealBigErn @mfinnthepoet @Sara_Rose_G I’ll drop it as soon as the current Labour leadership and press stop using false claims of institutional AS to purge all leftists and radical environmental from the opposition

@chris_grey___ @PafkoBosh @gerbilmark @The_RealBigErn @mfinnthepoet @Sara_Rose_G why do you keep lying? the survey you’re citing was not of “Jews” but of readers of a right-wing newspaper and did not refer to witnessing anything. It would be like asking readers of a Trotskyist journal if they thought the Tories were imperialist

@avi_khalil @chris_grey___ @gerbilmark @The_RealBigErn @mfinnthepoet @Sara_Rose_G not sure where I put it

@chris_grey___ @gerbilmark @The_RealBigErn @mfinnthepoet @Sara_Rose_G so the UK media couldn’t care less about Jews or actual AS (you can’t get more blatantly AS than beating up a rabbi while screaming “dirty Jew”) they were only interested in using the issue to hurt the Labour left. So if there was no way to spin it v Corbyn, it didn’t happen.

@chris_grey___ @gerbilmark @The_RealBigErn @mfinnthepoet @Sara_Rose_G ultimate expression of what was going on: during the election a Haredim rabbi was attacked by some right wing yobs & badly beaten. Corbyn was the first to call him in support. The media, which harped continually about AS, barely even mentioned it as it didn’t fit the narrative.

@chris_grey___ @gerbilmark @The_RealBigErn @mfinnthepoet @Sara_Rose_G after the Chief Rabbi of one federation (who was a personal friend of Boris Johnson) condemned Corbyn & got huge press, the head of the Haredim confederation put out a statement condemning the attacks on Corbyn, and got zero press. He also took out an AS complaint vs Hodge.

@chris_grey___ @gerbilmark @The_RealBigErn @mfinnthepoet @Sara_Rose_G Corbyn’s head of communications was Jewish. Much of his staff was Jewish. Hodge had a grudge with him over the cemetery issue because it led to Corbyn having ongoing relations with the Haredim leadership, which she disliked

@chris_grey___ @gerbilmark @The_RealBigErn @mfinnthepoet @Sara_Rose_G 87% of the readers of the far-right Chronicle, actually. Nothing you say is true. Three quarters of the founders of Momentum, Corbyn’s support movement, were Jewish – despite Jewish people representing 0.43% of the population


@howisthewater @cjenscook it’s got to be. I once tried to calculate how much $$ it would cost for a scholar to research a book if they followed all the rules, versus how much $$ they get for it … who pockets the difference? Basically a class of parasites who make it harder for scholars to do research


@hkos @razisidd @simchaonn yeah we were supposed to be working on a project together, also with John Summers. who shortly thereafter got kicked out of his job at a major magazine for purportedly unconnected reasons.

@NarcoMonarchist @simchaonn it was a couple reviews of a book I couldn’t find on libgen. I just thought I’d get a sense of the argument, but even that would cost 40 bucks. So I wrote the author & got a pdf of the book.

@razisidd @simchaonn I had a friend who downloaded all of jstor once. We all know what happened to him.


@tim_waterman Libgen has maybe half the books you’d ever want. If you’re doing research. As for the rest: you’re basically fucked

@redrumlisa Well everything I do is publicly available but it’s a scam: you have to work for the vultures to get a CV that will suffice to get you a stable teaching income

@chrgodske I’ve never found it much use for articles. Hardly surprising since i would never ever use it to begin with since it would be illegal!