weirdest part – 94-year-old about to narrate story how mom was kicked out during Seder in 1940, I miss it when Erica calls with visa crisis

imagine being a garment worker, then for 3 yrs a national star, then going back to the factory – then mom kicks you out for marrying a goy!

strange few days – interviewed for doc film about my mom’s show, Pins & Needles, in the ’30s. Labor stage. Surprise hit. She was female lead

@Cogixo Alternately, maybe they’re lying. I think it’s on a slow boat to the UK now. Hopefully won’t hit an iceberg

just got word it’s at claims it’s free UK delivery. But I can’t see how they would really have the book yet.

@Cogixo Alas it’s only going to bookstores in the US now, so will arrive Monday. UK is three weeks later – they send it on a boat apparently

Publisher says they sent a copy of my debt book to D. Strauss-Kahn as reading material while under house arrest


RT @artsagainstcuts: Strewth… Iwanna Besick! Is it us or does the Whitecrapel Art Gallery really stink tonight? via @SlogFirehose – hmm, somebody seems to like advance copies of the new book!

@historyhistory well obviously I meant to say “shit” (there’s a book called “A History of Shit”) but it was television

@historyhistory well it apparently caused 200 people to order the book on Amazon – not bad considering the book doesn’t even exist (yet)

@historyhistory – – yipes! soon I will be a giant helium-filled head.

@aaronjohnpeters oh never mind Zizek, Aaron. A professional comedian whose schtick is to play a left intellectual. Jokes on us!

@artsagainstcuts I’ll miss you all so much! You guys made me happy to be in London. I wouldn’t have imagined it possible

@aaronjohnpeters how could Zizek have time to read anything? He write like three books a year!

@Cogixo – didn’t even know! Sat in park with my friends to say goodbye. I love my friends! Sad now.

@orpen_m – perhaps in August. I must return to NYC tomorrow to do publicity and learn how to drive

Yesterday shows how unfounded were march 26 critiques of Black Bloc “stealing message” No riots, hostile press and 37 arrests anyway

Last full day in London and I have to go on Democracy Now! at 1 to talk about strike. Help! Send me ideas what to say